Starwerk is the invention of scientists and educators who have a passion for sharing their knowledge of the earth and universe with people. Between them they have spent decades viewing the sky, traipsing through the hills and teaching students and the public. Starwerk comes out of their desire to broaden the scope of the activities they can undertake and the breadth of people they can reach.

Kevin McLin, PhD - Astronomer and co-founder of Starwerk.


Kevin McLin is the creator of Starwerk. He has a PhD in astrophysics and has worked in science education for more than a decade. He began his study of the sky when he was a child and has presented sky programs and public talks at venues ranging from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to the slopes of Mt. Lassen to a promontory above the Sonoma County Wine Country and beyond. Kevin began Starwerk in order to share his love of the sky and nature with as many people as possible.

Laura Benninger, MS - Geologist and co-founder of Starwerk.


Laura Benninger rocks. Totally. Come take part in her geology hikes and you will rock too.

Charles Darwin, CBE, BFD - Biologist and co-founder of Evolutionary Biology.


Charles Darwin is a (now dead) living legend. You’d be a fool to miss out on his presentation. Don’t be a fool.

Okay, we don’t really have Charles Darwin on our staff, per se. But he will be with us as we discuss the flora and fauna around us and how they relate to the natural environment we will encounter.

Image by Elliot & Fry, ca 1879, Public Domain

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