We offer several packages to suit different interests. Some offer sky viewing by night, geology hikes by day. Or if you prefer, you can choose a night program alone, or geology alone. It’s up to you. Select a program for you or your group from the offerings below. Or if you would like a more customized program, contact us and we can discuss how to provide something unique.

Package One: Open Group

This package is for people who want to come to one of our normally scheduled programs. These are limited to ten participants, maximum, with a five person minimum. If you want to come alone or with a friend (or two), this is probably the package for you. You’ll meet a few new people and learn about the sky at the same time.



Package Two: Private Group

If you have a group that you would like to schedule for a private session, we will work to accommodate you. The maximum group size we recommend is ten. If you want a larger group we will try to work it out, but keep in mind that time on the telescopes becomes limited with more people. Cost is dependent on the size of the group.

Please remember that the date and phase of the moon will affect what is visible in the sky.

Image: Ray Jacobson on Unsplash

Package Three: Astrophotography

In these programs we will teach you to use your own digital camera to take images of the night sky. We will concentrate on direct imaging with the camera, not imaging though the telescope. If you would like to image through one of our telescopes, or your own, talk to us about setting up a special program. We limit these programs to 20 participants.


Image: Diego PH on Unsplash

Package Four: Overnight

These programs are for the adventurous. We set out to a dark sky area east of the Sierra and spend a night or two camping under the stars and viewing the sky. During the day we will hike and explore the local geography, geology, flora and fauna. Our daytime guide will be a geologist who will tell us about the natural history of the area we traverse. Participants must have their own camping gear and are responsible for their own meals and transportation.

Image: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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