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About Starwerk

Starwerk is the invention of Kevin McLin, an astronomer and outdoorsman who has a passion for sharing his knowledge of the earth and universe with the public. He has spent decades viewing the sky, traipsing through the hills and teaching students and the public. Starwerk comes out of his desire to broaden the scope of the activities he can undertake and the breadth of people he can reach.

Kevin McLin, PhD - Astronomer and Founder of Starwerk

Kevin McLin is the creator of Starwerk. After earning his doctorate in astrophysics studying galaxies and their environments, Kevin moved from scientific research into science education, where he has spent nearly two decades.

Kevin began his love and study of the sky when he was a child. After turning professional, and even before, he has presented sky programs and public talks at venues ranging from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to the slopes of Mt. Lassen to a promontory above the Sonoma County Wine Country and beyond. Kevin began Starwerk in order to share his love of the sky and nature with as many people as possible. He has taught physics and astronomy at Sonoma State University, San Francisco State University, Chico State University and UC Davis in California, as well as at several colleges and universities in Colorado and Washington state. He now spends his time solely with informal science education via Starwerk and other venues, most notably the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers and Mission Science Workshop in San Francisco.

© 2024 Kevin McLin / Starwerk